Our story

Wally and Kaz started this business together; wally suggested Kaz start the business and Kaz accepted the challenge—well she was almost finished her BMS degree, and Wally knew she was hesitant to work full time as she didn’t want to miss out on the kids growing up.

The learner licence course was the first service Kaz provided. After a bit of research she wanted her course to be different by1. Being short (2 days max) and 2nd, by actually working; what was the point in spending all that time with people if they still weren’t going to pass their test at the end of it.

Kaz worked really hard when she first started delivering her course, and her results proved she was heading in the right direction. She saw ways to make things easier to learn and remember, so tweaked things here, and there, and soon enough the 2-day course was too long so she was able to run her entire course, from start to test, in just one day.

A year later Wally joined Kaz in the business, as it became too busy for her to run on her own as she had added a restricted and full licence course to the mix. These courses were geared to helping drivers progress through the licensing stages.

Wally eventually became a qualified driving instructor, which helped ensure what was being taught in the course, was being reinforced behind the wheel. And they both continue to work their hardest to make

Our mission :

Our vision :