Our car learner licence course is one of the best in the country.  Developed especially to make things as easy to learn and remember as possible; it takes just 2.5 hours to have someone who has never read the road code ready to sit and pass their class 1 theory test.

The motivation behind the development of our course material was our belief that the theory test should not be a tricky reading and comprehension test, but it should just be testing people’s knowledge of the road rules; so we take all the trick out of the questions, to give us some of the best pass rates in the country.

Our course is so simple to use that it can be taught to anyone, anywhere, using just a chalkboard (do they even exist anymore in New Zealand?) or whiteboard, and our laminated test papers.  We personally get as high tech as a laptop, projector, felt tips, wipes, and our own laminated test questions.

If you are attending one of our coursesWhat to bring


To sit your leanrer licence test at the end of class you will need to bring the correct ID to class.

There are two different ID options you can use:

Option 1.

Bring a current passport—in most circumstances this is all you will need to bring*

*you will have to bring a marriage certificate if is when you have had a NZ licence in your maiden name—and said passport is in your married name.

Option 2.

Requires several pieces of ID

  1. An original (copies are not accepted) NZ Birth Certificate—that was issued after 1 January 1998
  2. And one of these secondary ID’s
    1. A utility bill, or community services card, or 18+ card
  3. AND if the secondary ID used does not have a photo, you will also need to bring a completed DL26 form found here.