Based in Waikato and Bay of Plenty, Licence2drive [L2D] run driver licence courses and have some of the best pass rates in the country.  Their 1-day learner licence course produces near perfect results every time, and their restricted and full licence test results far exceed the national average.

The L2D learner licence course has been developed so it is easy for anyone to follow and still achieve the same top results.  The course has all the resources need to teach the course with something as ‘high tech’ as a projector and laptop or it can be taught in a more traditional way-with just a whiteboard or blackboard.  The L2D learner licence course is universal and works with all customers regardless of language and learning abilities.

The restricted and full licence courses are equally simple and effective.  Aimed at those who are already driving unaccompanied on New Zealand roads, our course is able to produced above average results because it focusing on changing the bad driving habits that people have developed and which prevent them from passing their practical driving test.  and continue to use on New Zealand roads.  We show you which of these habits are bad, and how you need to be drivign to pass the driving test.