The pass rate for our restricted licence course is 73%; the national pass rate averages 53% since the new test format was implemented in 2012.  Our results are achieved with around 1.5 hours of class time and then just 30 minutes behind the wheel with the driving instructor.

However it is geared towards those who already confident and capable drivers–but who have not moved on to the next licensing stage.  We are good but you will not pass if you have less than 10 hours of driving experience with us.

This test was made more difficult in the hopes that our new drivers would be better drivers; and this is what we have with our new drivers, they have demonstrated they have the good driving habits; the pass rates in the under 25 year olds is %.

What was not intended–but has happened–is the higher fail rate for the more experienced drivers.  We mostly know what we should be doing, but we have gotten lazy and don’t do all of those things.

We don’t indicate, we don’t check our mirrors, we don’t do head checks…the list goes on

Bear in mind if you are an older driver –licence holder or not–you would most probably fail this new driving test as well.

We have also noticed it is usually the experienced drivers who tend to already know everything.  These guys cannot be taught anything new so do not do anything they are taught to do in class–or by the instructor.  And that is okay as we understand it is just what they need to do and how they do things, but after they fail they are more receptive to what they were taught and then they will pass they second time around.

So basically our course will work 100% of the time if your participants do already drive, and if they can listen and follow instructions.