You now need photo ID when making a driver licence application to ensure the person sitting the test, is the same person applying for the licence.  While those sitting the restriced or full licence test are able to use their current licence as ID, those applying for the learner licence test and those who need to replace a lost or stolen licence, will need to provide the following ID instead:

  • A Passport (current or expired within the past 2 years) is all you will need to provide, if you have one

If  you do not have a passport, or it does not meet the criteria, you will need to use the following 2-3 pieces of ID with your application

  1.  A New Zealand birth certficate that was issued from 1 January 1998
    1. If your birth certificate is pre 1998, and you have never attempted the theory test before, you will need to order another birth certificate from BDM here.
    2. it must also be the original and not a photocopy
    3. and if you want your licence in a name other than the name on your birth certificate, you will need to provide those original name change documents as well.
  2. AND one of the following
    1. Utility bill in your name
    2. Community Services card
    3. 18+ card
    4. Steps to freedom forms
  3. IF your chosen ID from #2 does not have a photo, you will also need to provide a completed DL26 form which is available here.

For more information on other ID you can use read Factsheet 20 on the NZTA website.