With a pass rate of 96%, our learner licence course is one of the best in the country.

In just 2-3 hours our programme allows anyone, regardless of reading or language abilities, to pass the theory test even if they have not studied the road code previously.

The national pass rate has averaged 68% over the past 4 years, so achieving 96% with pretty much the same  reading and learning capabilities, and have still achieved well above the national average.

We are confident high school students would achieve a 100% pass rate (and be more at the 2 hour end of the time scale) using our learner licence programme, as they are already in learning mode, are confident with technology, and are used to the testing environment.

By using our programme and following our simple format, you can achieve the same results regardless of the facilitators teaching experience.

We provide the resources for up to 10 people in each class, and all you need to provide is some highlighters and a whiteboard and whiteboard pen.  If you are a more high tech organisation, a computer and projector set up will make your job a little bit more easy.

The learner licence program can be taught with something as low tech as a whiteboard and marker, or as high tech as a laptop and projector.

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