Our course makes the theory test really easy to pass regardless of your language and reading abilities, but not everyone has access to our course, so we have provided links to the actual theory test questions below and have given you some of the best advice we can give you, for your theory test.

First, VTNZ is the better place to sit your test.  You can just show up at the licensing VTNZ station and sit your test; if you do have to wait your turn it doesn’t usually take long.  If you have limited time, and can remember to make your appointment book with the AA.  You can get same day tests most times at AA, but if you do forget your appointment, you do have to pay another test fee.

2. If you need more time than the allotted 30 minutes; make sure you let someone behind the counter know as soon as the 5 minute reminder pops up on your screen.  If you have not finished before the timer runs out–you will automatically fail.  It is easy for them to extend your time.  Just ask.

3. Make sure you understand the question before answering it, ask the person behind the counter if they will help you understand the question, it does not hurt to ask.  You just want to understand, you do not want the answer.

4. Read all answers before selecting the most correct answer.

5. Do no overthink the questions, they aren’t meant to be that tricky.  The tricks come in the form above (see #4) and from really wordy questions (see #3)

6. Most of the questions are common sense question; so just need to make sure you understand the question (#3) and then read all possible answers (#4), before choosing the most correct answer.  Remember to answer as if you are the most responsible and law abiding driver on the road.

And to help with your studies we have links to the actual test questions:

We have added the top 10 incorrectly answered questions on the learner licence test.

Roadcodepractice.co.nz have the official theory test questions for Class 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 here.  They are the exact same questions you will get on the test, and it looks exactly how the computerized test looks, just the functionality will be slightly different.  You do have to pay for these tests though, but the cost is minimal ($20 for 20 tests) and you are buying an entire 35 question test not just a questions.  These guys have the online rights to the theory questions, which is why they can have the actual test questions.

Drivingtests.co.nz have free theory test questions.  The questions are not exactly the same as the test (because the guys above have the rights to those) but they are very similarly worded.  These guys also have theory questions for different licence classes as well, if needed.

AA has some too but only 10 questions at a time, and their question about towing and weight is incorrect for the your class 1 theory test–for the actual test the correct weight is 4500kg, not the answer AA has–unless they have fixed it.

If you can find it, because we couldn’t right now, one of the auckland driver training websites, has provided free access to the actual test questions and are obviously unconcerned with online rights to the questions.

Hope we have helped a little bit, Good luck.